Van Tuijl Holland Horses BV is managed and owned by Jan and Daniëlla van Tuijl. Since many years, they are active in the field of intermediations for horses and ponies. Searching for the perfect ‘match’ is their expertise, of which Carl Hester with Uthopia is a fine example. Besides professional advice on selecting and purchasing horses or ponies, Van Tuijl Holland Horses also offers professional training for Show Jumping. Jan van Tuijl, a former member of the Olympic selection, has trained many horses to the highest level achievable. Jan and Daniella also work as agents for Brightwells, a well-known auction in England for horses and ponies fit for dressage or Show Jumping.Through this website, Jan and Daniëlla would like to give you a better view of the qualities and professionality Van Tuijl Horses offers. In case of any obscurities or questions, feel free to contact Jan en Daniella

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