Would you like to achieve higher levels in the field of Show Jumping? Jan van Tuijl is able to help you professionally.

As international Show Jumping rider, Jan possesses valuable experience and professional knowledge on training. As a former member of the Olympic selection, Jan used to jump 1.50/1.60 meters with Saluut, Red River II, Radetzky, Tiro, Atlanta, Pandur and many others. Well-known trainers like Ted Edgar, Gert Meijer and Hugo Simon trained him.

In the mean time, Jan is in possession of an international trainers passport, which offers him the opportunity to train and organise training clinics nationally, but also abroad. If you are interested in professional training by Jan van Tuijl, feel free to contact Van Tuijl Holland Horses BV.

As I am sure you are aware, not only has Jan had an International career as a show jumping rider, he is an exceptional horseman. He has a tremendous relationship with our clients and their horses. He is also very good at training younger clients, as he is patient and able to convey instructions clearly and effectively. When we open the John Whitaker Academy, we will certainly be asking Jan to come over and be one of the key trainers.”
Alo Brake, England

Jan van Tuijl during Jumping Amsterdam 1984 riding Sebastiaan

Jan van Tuijl Radetzky during the Eindhoven Derby 1984


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